Arithmos – an educational math game

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Arithmos is an educational puzzle math game I’ve created. The game is designed for elementary school children (age 10-16), but other people will have fun playing the game as well!
The purpose of the game is to train problem solving, logical thinking and practice arithmetics in a new and fun way.

Play the game here!

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Upload to Dropbox

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Upload files to Dropbox without Dropbox! is a free service that lets people upload files to your Dropbox without the need of a Dropbox account. You simply enable the feature at, whereafter you are given a unique URL that you can give to your friends. All uploaded files show up directly in your Dropbox!

No Dropbox account is needed to upload files, and no data, credentials or files are ever stored at the service. Check it out at!

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Internet Explorer javascript error in elRTE

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I had some problems with the open-source WYSIWYG-editor elRTE the other day… Everything worked fine in Chrome and Firefox, but in IE6, IE7 and IE8 I received some strange Javascript errors: “Object doesn’t support this property or method”.

The problem occured when trying to save the data from the editor, when calling $(‘selector’).elrte(‘val’);
The problem also occured on the elRTE demo page when clicking the save icon.

I couldn’t for the world figure out what was wrong, and I tried debugging in all different ways possible (I even thought IETester, which I was using for testing, had some problems itself). Then I figured out what was wrong: IE doesn’t support the trim() method included in the script.

Using elRTE 1.3, in the file elrte.full.js, replacing the following lines fixes the problem:
return $.trim(this.filter.source2source(this.source.val()) );

return $.trim( this.filter.source($(this.doc.body).html()) );

The solution is to use the jQuery .trim function instead of the in-built Javascript trim(), since this is apparently poorly supported by older versions of IE.



Viewers & Editors

Netbeans is an excellent IDE editor for many different programming languages, and I’ve completely switched over to Netbeans from NotePad++ for all my web development. I like it mostly for its nice code completion features, but it’s also nice when working with larger projects.

No Comments – free online image editor

Hints & Tips, Internet, Software, Viewers & Editors, World Wide Web is an excellent online image editing tool for quick image editing – without the need to install any software! This can come in handy if you’re on a public computer or school computer that hasn’t got any other image editing software installed than MS Paint.
It’s a great online alternative to Paint.NET, and it has all the basic features you would expect from an image editing software (layer support, color adjustments, filters, etc…). Check it out!

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Bambuser – stream live video from your mobile

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I accidentally stumbled across Bambuser the other day, and I was immediately impressed by this awesome and very cool service. With Bambuser you can stream live video from your mobile phone (or webcam on your computer), and people all around the world can see your stream in real time. It’s all really easy – just sign up and you’re ready to go! Share happenings in your life with family and friends! I’m using it on the iPhone, but there are versions for almost every other smartphone available.

After the live stream your videos are saved so you can view or download them later. Take a look at for more information, I’m sure you’ll like it as well. And oh yeah, it’s totally free.

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HIM – Screamworks: Love in theory and practice


The latest HIM album, Screamworks: Love in theory and practice, is the best the band has produced since Love Metal. Listen to it now on Spotify, or buy it from iTunes. The more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it.

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Running R on Wine

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There is no bundled graphical user interface (GUI) for R for Linux, so until now I’ve been using Rcommander and RKward as a replacement for the RGui available for Windows systems. However, I find Rcmndr really clumsy and I’ve had some problems when exporting graphs as EPS-files. RKward works a bit better, but I’ve noticed that it is really slow compared to the R console or Rcmndr.

So, I tried installing the Windows version of R using Wine, and everything worked great! Now I can use RGui just like on Windows, and everything runs smoothly – much better than Rcmndr or RKward. I really recommend every Linux R user to do the same – I think it will spare you alot of trouble.

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Faktoider (Factoids)

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In English below.

Faktoider är allmänna uppfattningar om saker och ting, som antas som sanna men som i själva verket är felaktiga. Faktoiderna påminner om vandringssägner, men de sprids inte enbart från mun till mun utan även på internet och via massmedia.Vanliga faktoider är t.ex. att man kan välta sovande kor, att guldfisken inte har något minne, och att alla på medeltiden trodde att jorden var platt.

På adressen har man samlat en massa faktoider med mycket intressant läsning.

A factoid is something that becomes accepted as a fact, although it may not be true. Factoids are not only spread mouth to mouth (like urban legends), but are also spread over the Internet and by mass media. Some famous factoids are that the goldfish has no memory or that everyone believed that the earth was flat during the Middle Ages.

There is a huge collection of factoids on the the Swedish site, and many of them are translated into English as well.

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Awesome Note


Awesome Note by Bridworks is one of my favourite iPhone applications. The app combines notes and todo-lists in a really simple, yet powerful way. You can add images and videos to your notes, set due dates and repetative tasks, organize your notes into folders and customize their looks with many different backgrounds and fonts. New updates are released quite frequently with new awesome feautures.
This app is a must-have for any iPhone owner! I have tried many different todo and notes applications, but Awesome Notes is absolutely the best and most priceworthy. There is also a free lite version available so you can try the app before purchasing.

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